JELENA PERUĆICA was born in 1989 in Belgrade. She took her first steps as an artist at the Russian Art School Atelier led by Jekaterina Milicevic, under the supervision of academic artist Miroslav Stevanovic. From 2000-2007 she was a member of the art studio Children's Cultural Centre in Belgrade, led by Goran Simic. Since 2014 Jelena has been painting at the atelier of highly esteemed Serbian academic artist Mr. Sasa Marjanovic, who was recently awarded the prestigious Serbian Knight award for his artistic opus.

She is also a member of the Fine Arts Club "Academy 28"and the Association of Cultural Societies Belgrade.

Art has been Jelena's obsession since early childhood. Driven by the act of creating, she has now transformed her dreams into reality, with the desire to share her gift with the world. Her paintings express her vision of life, the world she lives in and loves, and  everything that surrounds her. Her inspiration has deep roots in her childhood hometown, landscape and the people she grew up with.  Through her art, Jelena has been able to reconnect those who have seen her painting with their own childhood.

Jelena's has a strong and creative imagination, with the pronounced need for change. She isn't merely satisfied with what she accomplished so far, she is driven by a passion greater than herself. She believes her paintings are characterised by harmony and ease. She has a vivid imagination, expressed by her brush strokes, colours and ideas. She likes to paint as she writes, and writes as she paints. She believes her thoughts are not real if she can't express them in her art and also believes that a skilled hand without creative thought has no value.

Her paintings are dominated by profound and sumptuous colours. They are poetically inspired and infused with poetry. Her compositions can be minimalistic and yet authentic.

Jelena invests lot of energy, love, unbridled passion and delight, and  charm in all her paintings. Her artistic creativity is well received and respected; she has already had two notable solo exhibitions.

Referring to her creativity, a famous Serbian artist prof. Aleksander Lukovic-Lukijan said: "Jelena's emphasised sense of colours, expressed on her landscapes and still lives, painted in bright colours, seem like a dream that take us into the world of beauty. Her charcoal portraits with strong notes,personality and character show that Jelena is a gifted artist well on a trajectory to success. Her creations full of lyricism and serenity, yet seemingly painted with ease, cannot leave the viewer indifferent. "

Her creativity has gone through several phases. She has now entered her most mature and important creative era. She likes to paint her dreams and her reality. The harmony of shapes and colours is her platform for expressing her emotions.

By her own admission, she believes that every artist is initially an amateur; that those who do not doubt their ability can only achieve a little. With her skills and craftsmanship she fascinates herself and her viewers. She is not in any great hurry. She knows she will get where she is headed.


She wants only to paint!